The main goal of Carelytics platform is to make all team members happy, which results in a much higher levels of patient satisfaction. Therefore, we've built a lot of tools that help engage your team on a daily basis

  • Don't worry, it's just our code name for employee engagement :) Our software automatically asks employees about their experience at the clinic. Having results shown through interactive graphs, you'll be able to always know how the team feels about everything that's happening at the clinic.

  • We've all been there: there are always some issues at work, but most of the time people don't feel comfortable speaking out loud about it. Therefore, we've given employees a completely anonymous way of providing feedback to their management. Anonymity is one of our key principles and we take it very seriously.

  • No matter what your performance review process looks like, Carelytics can be completely adapted to it. We support automated peer review requests as well as manual requests from managers. Our fantastic tools like skill-based ratings, performance charts, anonymous comments and others, help managers always stay on track with performance expectations.

  • Sometimes management cannot be aware of everything that's happening and some team members might not get recognized for their amazing work. Carelytics gives all your employees an ability to give "thumbs up" to their peers, so that no hard work goes unnoticed.

  • Different clinics have different reward programs, and we're working hard to get most of them supported. A system of dollar-based bonuses has already been implemented and allows managers to award bonuses for stellar performance or as gifts for birthdays, holidays and for so much more. Employees are able to spend their bonuses directly in the system.

  • It’s pretty difficult to memorize all the procedure codes from the dental fee guide, isn’t it? One of the great features of Carelytics is the procedure codes dictionary. No need to search for the printed guide - all dental procedure codes are available to all employees at any place at any time.

  • Since employee scheduling is one of the key processes within any dental practice, we couldn't leave if out of the Carelytics platfotm. Work shifts, stat holiday, vacations - everything in one place, accessible on any device, anywhere in the world.

  • No need to have a separate application for time tracking - Carelytics has you covered here as well. Quick an easy way to start and end work shifts, track breaks, and check clocked-in hours - everything at your fingertips. And the best part - time tracking integrates directly into Happiness Score program to give much better metrics into team engagement.

  • No more need to use any other cloud storage solutions - storage for your documents, forms, checklists and others comes with your Carelytics membership. As we've said before, Carelytics is the hub for your team that takes care of almost everything.

Other Major Features